Gregg Blackstock

Gregg Blackstock, a proud South African Chief Executive Officer, started his professional career by earning the University of Witwatersrand’s highest degree; the coveted MBA in finance.

Now CEO of private equity firm Axara Global Limited, Gregg has been closely involved in real estate transactions all across Europe and the USA. His experience as a qualified chartered accountant, both in the United Kingdom and South Africa, give him a significant edge on the competition.

In Gregg’s early days as a young boy, Johannesburg’s Jeppe High School hosted the stage for a bright future to come. Since then, Gregg has taken a strong interest and passion for the protection of and prevention of cruelty to animals and children alike, including attending events in support of DEBRA.

Raising funds on behalf of families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) has played a significant part in Gregg Blackstock’s life, and he has more recently become a member of DEBRA’s golf society to further their positive agenda.

When he’s not running businesses or helping to save lives, Gregg spends a great deal of time enjoying the great outdoors with his wife, two sons, and their Yorkshire terriers. In those fleeting few remaining hours, Gregg loves nothing more than to enjoy a few games of rugby or cricket.

The Life of Gregg Blackstock
  • Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Animal Lover
  • Cricket and Rugby
Gregg Blackstock loves Yorkshire Terriers